Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring
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Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring

Your floors are an often overlooked but very important part of your home. Dirty, tattered, outdated or ugly floors can make your home look far less attractive and valuable than it may be. In contrast, beautiful and well kept floors give your home a special sparkle. It is especially important to pay attention to your flooring if you are thinking about selling your home. By installing clean and beautiful new floors, you can increase the value of your home far more than the cost of your flooring. My background as a real estate agent has taught me what potential buyers want in floors, and now I'm going to teach you. Make your home all it can be with floors that say your home is the best.

Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring

Bathroom Remodeling: You May Not Need An Extensive Bathroom Makeover To Achieve The Ultimate Space

Isabella Bennett

Are you considering a bathroom remodel? If so, you may have a number of concerns. Perhaps you are wondering whether or not you will need to do an extensive remodel to achieve the look you desire. Many remodeling projects can be done without a complete overhaul or expansion to the existing space. The following are some options you can consider that can improve the appearance of your bathroom and meet your needs.

Cramped Space

You may be considering bathroom remodeling because you feel that the space in your current bathroom is cramped. A modest bathroom remodel that is geared towards space saving could be better for you than extending the current space. For example, your remodel might include adding shelves, cabinets or other storage options to make the existing room appear more spacious.


Perhaps you are a person who wants your bathroom to feel more like a sanctuary. A tub upgrade could make it more appealing. Choose a tub style that will allow you to soak and relax when needed. 

Lighting is another improvement you could make. Consider light fixtures with dimming features. This will allow you to adjust the lighting based on your mood. 

If space permits, an area for pampering is also a good idea. This can be as simple as a standalone vanity and make-up chair. You may also choose to have an area built-in to complement the finish of your bathroom cabinets.

Worn Materials

Replacing flooring materials can give your bathroom an instant updated look. Today, there are a number of faux flooring materials that closely mimic expensive building materials. For example, faux wood or marble flooring can help you to achieve a more sophisticated look in your bathroom. 

If your sink, tub, and toilet are in decent condition, you can make amendments to these plumbing fixtures to give them a more updated look rather than completely replacing them. For example, changing the temperature knobs to a chrome finish may resurrect the appearances of dull and outdated plumbing fixtures. 

A remodeling contractor is the best resource to use prior to starting a project. This is because you can explain your plans, and they can help you determine the best approach. Some people break their remodel project into several small projects, which can pose a problem in the future. For example, if you decide to install new flooring materials and had future plans for new cabinets, having accurate dimensions for both could ensure that the second project blends seamlessly with the first project.