Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring
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Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring

Your floors are an often overlooked but very important part of your home. Dirty, tattered, outdated or ugly floors can make your home look far less attractive and valuable than it may be. In contrast, beautiful and well kept floors give your home a special sparkle. It is especially important to pay attention to your flooring if you are thinking about selling your home. By installing clean and beautiful new floors, you can increase the value of your home far more than the cost of your flooring. My background as a real estate agent has taught me what potential buyers want in floors, and now I'm going to teach you. Make your home all it can be with floors that say your home is the best.

Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring

Tips For Safe And Successful Black Walnut Tree Stump Removal

Isabella Bennett

Black walnut trees have very dense, hard inner wood that is prized by cabinet makers and is a popular choice for firewood because it burns very cleanly and very hot. However, the dense wood fibers that make black oak a favorite wood to some people can make it your nemesis when you are trying to remove one of this tree's stumps from your yard.

If you plan to spend your Saturday afternoon removing an old, decaying black walnut tree stump in your backyard with a stump grinder, then follow these tips to do so successfully and in a safe manner:

Rent The Right Stump Grinder For The Project

You can rent stump grinders in a variety of sizes. You should rent the stump grinder appropriate for the size of stump that you want to grind out. In addition, you should insist that the rental agent goes over with you exactly how to safely operate the stump grinder. 

For instance, when operating the stump grinding machine, you should always stand with your feet away from the cutting blades and never attempt to reach near the blades to retrieve stuck wood or rocks. Instead, you should turn the machine off and wait for it to completely stop rotating before removing jammed material. Also, if you let the stump grinder make its own way into the stump's wood, then the project will be easier and you will not have as many complications along the way.

Clear And Cut Down The Tree Stump As Much As Possible

It is infinitely faster to remove a tree stump's wood using a chainsaw than it is to remove it with a stump grinder. For this reason, you should clear away all of the rocks and dirt around the base of the tree stump, and then you should cut as much of the stump off with your chainsaw as possible. Try to avoid hitting your chainsaw's blade in the dirt as this will cause its blades to chip and prematurely dull.

Wear The Right Protective Clothing

Finally, a stump grinder is a very powerful tool that requires you to use it with extreme caution. To keep yourself safe during the process, you should always wear boots that have steel toes in them and denim jeans. The boots and jeans will protect your feet and legs. To protect your eyes and ears, you should wear goggles and hearing protection. Leather gloves are also a necessity to keep you from getting blisters from the constant vibration of the stump grider as it makes its way through your unwanted black walnut tree stump. For more information, consider contacting a professional like those at DJ's Tree Service.