Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring
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Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring

Your floors are an often overlooked but very important part of your home. Dirty, tattered, outdated or ugly floors can make your home look far less attractive and valuable than it may be. In contrast, beautiful and well kept floors give your home a special sparkle. It is especially important to pay attention to your flooring if you are thinking about selling your home. By installing clean and beautiful new floors, you can increase the value of your home far more than the cost of your flooring. My background as a real estate agent has taught me what potential buyers want in floors, and now I'm going to teach you. Make your home all it can be with floors that say your home is the best.

Increasing the Value of Your Home Through Flooring

"Open Sesame!" And Other Related Phrases And Passcodes That Should Not Be Your Gate Openers

Isabella Bennett

When you hire a fencing and electrical gate contractor to install an electrical gate and gate opener, there should be several passcodes and passwords on your list that are not permissable. These passwords and passcodes are too obvious to anyone who knows the cultural and social references the codes come from. One such obvious password or pass-phrase is "open, sesame!" As much as you may want to use these words as your code to open your gates, you must refrain from doing so because it would be too easy to guess for anyone else with the temptation to say the same thing. Here are several other passwords, phrases and codes you should not use.

Verbal Gate Openers to Avoid

First, consider verbal gate openers. These words and phrases are such a big part of pop culture that only intruders who have lived under a rock their entire lives and never watched TV or a movie would fail to guess them. They would be really obvious to the rest of the world.

  1. "On my mark!"
  2. "Open on my command!"
  3. "Open the floodgates!" or, for the very dramatic type, "Open the floodgates of Hell!"
  4. "Release!" or "Release the gates!" or "Release the hounds!"
  5. "Bond, James Bond" (very tempting, since who would not want their gates to open for James Bond, but still not a good idea)

Better still, if you can avoid a verbal command gate-opening device and opt for a numeric punch code device instead, passers-by are less likely to hear you call out your "secret" password or pass-phrase and use it against you to gain access to your property.

Numeric Passcodes to Avoid

People like to be funny and clever when creating numeric passcodes to open their gates. While your contractor will not refrain from setting up your passcode to whatever you want it to be, you should still refrain from using some of the obvious, funny, or smart-alecky ones.

  1. 1666 (one 666, or one antichrist) or 18666 (one "ate" antichrist)
  2. 8008 or 80085 (on a calculator this looks like the word "boob" or "boobs", which some have falsely assumed grants you access to some estates belonging to famous gentleman's magazines)
  3. 57734 or 4377 or 43775 (on a calculator this looks like "hell" or "hells," depending on which way you turn the calculator to look at it--upside up or upside down)

Essentially, anything that is an adolescent calculator joke or an inside joke about numbers in your family or amongst your friends is an easily guessed passcode and should be avoided.

For more information about selecting a good passcode, talk with a company that specializes in security and gates, such as Rut Fencing.